Home Inspections

A home inspection is a non-invasive examination of the condition of the key systems of a home, from the basement to the roof. Most home inspections are done when a purchaser has an accepted offer on a home and needs to make a more informed decision to protect their investment.

Following the inspection, a report is prepared describing the condition of the home at the time of the inspection. The report will highlight any significant concerns, such as safety issues and major system replacement recommendations.With the important knowledge gained from the home inspection, a purchaser can make the most informed decision about the suitability of the home or whether a renegotiation of the purchase price may be warranted.

An ASTTBC-PI home inspection is a unique opportunity to learn about the home you are about to invest in. Not to be confused with a real estate appraisal, a home inspection deals only with the condition of the home, whereas the appraisal deals with the market price of the home. By focusing on the safety and comfort of the home, an ASTTBC inspector offers the best option for a purchaser to become more familiar with how the systems of the home work as well as maintenance advice to keep the home in top condition in the future.

ASTTBC Home and Property inspectors are committed to providing the most professional home inspections in the industry.