Registration with ASTTBC

Becoming Registered with ASTTBC as a House Inspector is an option and not mandatory. If you decide you want to become registered with us you should align our requirements with those of Consumer Protection BC.

Licensing is mandatory in BC.  Please contact Consumer Protection BC to see the list of things you have to do. (

Why become registered with ASTTBC?

  1. We have the highest regulation standards in BC for House Inspectors
  2. We offer an insurance package at a reduced rate – you must carry  insurance as a House Inspector
  3. Our registrants must abide by a Code of Ethics
  4. Our registrants must keep up with their Continuing Professional Development each year


Application fee 269.06

Annual Dues: approximately 450.00

Code of Ethics Exam: 250.00

For registration at ASTTBC you must submit an application that shows successful completion of

               BCIT courses 1-4 (House Inspection)

               BC Building Code Part 9

               Building Envelope 3050


Completion of 50 hours of field experience with an approved practicing CHI or CPI


at least three test inspections of residential properties under the supervision of a practicing CHI or CPI

 and completion of the House Inspection Competency Exam

  To apply, please visit

Registered Reserve Fund Analyst (Limited) & Registered Reserve Fund Analyst

The British Columbia Strata Act requires a qualified person to compile a list of the assets (inventory), asses the condition (evaluate), estimate the replacement dates (anticipate maintenance, repair and replacement) and to prepare a contingency reserve report of the costs for future replacement providing a payment plan over a 30 year term.

The RRFA(L) designation is available to ASTTBC members in good standing that have the CHI designation.

The full RRFA designation is available to ASTTBC members in good standing that have the CPI designation.

To apply for certification as either a Registered Reserve Fund Analyst (Limited) or a full Registered Reserve Fund Analyst, please visit